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Nathan Rosen on client intelligence

LAC Group manager spoke at SLA 2019

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Nathan Rosen

Nathan Rosen, Manager of Information & Knowledge Services for one of LAC Group’s legal clients in New York City represented LAC Group at SLA 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. SLA is the Special Libraries Association, a global organization for information professionals and their partners in business, government, academic and other “specialized” settings.

Sharing the stage with Zena Applebaum from Thomson Reuters, their session was titled, “The secret sauce: Where you’re probably not looking to find your client intelligence.”

As reported by SLA member Eugene Giudice, Research Services Training Specialist at Dentons, the “secret sauce” is thinking about how professionals working in law firms and other special library settings provide their information services:

“Get a good sense of the pulse of your organization so you can provide distinctive service. Build credibility with the groups you work with. The more interconnected we are, the more we can increase our value.”

The session has been selected as one of the top ten highest-rated programs, to be included as a webinar in the “Best of SLA 2019” series.

Learn more on SLA’s website