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Meet our digital asset management expert

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Phil Spiegel, Director of Digital Asset Management (DAM) Projects

Phil Spiegel should be on the top of any short list for experienced, objective Digital Asset Management consulting help. It’s why we hired him for the role at LAC Group. Phil delivers insights and advice based on more than 20 years of media archive and asset management experience from companies like National Geographic Television, Corbis Motion and Getty Images. He is one of the experts at LAC Group we thought you would like to know.

Digital Asset Management Focus

The primary focus of Phil and his team is to improve digital and physical archive operations by implementing best practices and optimizing performance. Through a 360-degree assessment and analysis, they can increase access to, and the security of, your graphical content, transforming it into a collection of valuable assets for both archiving and integration into enterprise content management systems.

According to Phil,

“We want to create transparency for users to easily gain access to the content they need, and to give organizations the opportunity to fuel their goals for revenue opportunities.”

Digital Asset Management Capabilities

The skills that Phil and his team can deliver encompass the full spectrum of DAM services requested by our diverse client base, ranging from media and news concerns to large engineering and manufacturing corporations:

  • Managing large media (film, video) archive and content management operations.
  • Strategy and planning for streamlined workflow and other operational efficiencies.
  • Metadata development and standardization.
  • Content monetization for cost recovery and potential revenue opportunities.
  • Broadcast and post-production operations.
  • Transition from physical to digital archives.

While LAC Group can and does get involved in helping organizations either select the right DAM systems or optimize the system investments already made, our expertise lies in the curation, archiving and retrieval of content, wherever it’s located and for whatever purpose it’s needed.

We don’t see DAM implementations as exclusively technology projects. In fact, we view system technology as only one step, as the enabling foundation. And we bring a library-centric, organizational approach that views the multimedia images contained within these systems not as files but as visual content for a specific function, whether it’s design engineering, news or digital marketing.

“We relish being vendor-agnostic. It gives us the chance to look at each consultation project free of any preferences or prejudices.”

Final Words of Advice

Phil compiled his Top Ten List of critical success factors for any DAM implementation, based on years of experience. We published them in two pieces. The first five “make or break” criteria involve Buy-in and Support, Communication, Project Management, Workflow and Goals. The last five include Technology, Strategy, Legacy Data Migration, User Training and User Interface.

Connect with Phil Spiegel

Phil is a frequent speaker at DAM events, from major industry conferences to local meetings and Meetups.

Join Phil at DAM NY 2014

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