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LibSource researcher named distinguished alumnus

Kathrine Henderson honored by School of Information Studies

Home News LibSource researcher named distinguished alumnus

Kat Henderson

Kathrine Henderson, Research Analyst at LibSource, has been selected for the SOIS 50 Distinguished Alumni group in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the University of Wisconsin’s School of Information Studies. She was recognized as the distinguished alumnus for 2003, when she earned her Master of Library and Information Science degree.

The group will be honored Saturday, September 16, 2017 at the 50th Anniversary Gala in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Kathrine says:

“Being nominated for the 50 Distinguished Alumni Award was an opportunity to reflect on my career on the whole, which truth told, I don’t often take the time to do. I was very lucky to have had such a great start at Arizona State University’s Fletcher Library and it was truly an adventure to get from there to the virtual analyst position I have here at LAC-Group. If I had to pick out one gem I learned from my early days at ASU, it is to maintain a lean, but robust collection. Good advice and not just not for librarians.

Along the way, I discovered the key to success, at least for me, is to be a nimble researcher and all this entails—creativity, risk taking, seeking alternatives, being innovative and making the most of what you have, even if it just an internet connection and your own ingenuity to ‘find every reader his book’ to borrow a phrase. These things were emphasized by my professors at UWM, so in many ways this honor brings me full-circle. I’m as pleased and excited now as I was when I learned I had been accepted into the SOIS graduate program.”

Kathrine joined LAC Group in 2015 as part of the LibSource virtual research team, providing confidential research and summaries in response to requests from the company’s legal and business clients. According to Research & Intelligence Deputy Director James Hurley, her direct manager,

“Personally, I couldn’t agree more with them in choosing Kat as a recipient. She has certainly proven her distinction, and she is a true pleasure to work with. This is a very well-deserved recognition.”

Prior to LAC Group, Kathrine was Research Librarian at the Office of the Auditor General for the State of Arizona and Instructional Programs Librarian at Thunderbird School of Global Management, a top-ranking school of international business.