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Library as a Service – Knowledge Services Portal (KSP)

Home News Library as a Service – Knowledge Services Portal (KSP)

Last month, LAC Group announced the launch of its Library as a Service (“LaaS”) platform to provide flexible, configurable and on-demand solutions for law firms and corporations seeking to make the most out of an increasing flood of information. The next series of updates focuses on our LaaS offering, with this month, we are highlighting our Knowledge Service Portal (KSP).

At the core of LaaS is our distributed workforce of information and research experts. The second significant element is the LAC configurable Knowledge Services Portal (KSP) which allows clients to access LaaS services.  Delivered either standalone or as a gateway to LAC’s distributed labor platform, the KSP functions as the nexus of an organization’s information tools and resources.

The KSP can house both LAC provided tools as well as function as the “one stop shop” for links to client-side third party research platforms, document delivery services and internal knowledge-sharing tools. LAC will work with the client to conduct a needs analysis to determine what the design, look and feel will be before any implementation. LAC will also work alongside the firm as it is rolled out, maintained and implement enhancements that may be desired. The KSP is truly client-configurable and allows professionals to better understand knowledge platform usage, utilization and effectiveness across an increasing broad spectrum of service providers.  In the example below, this is a possibility for the landing page:

KSP Portal

Stay tuned for our next update featuring LaaS with Soutron Global.