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LAC Group aims to double size of Moncton office

A growing office in midst of expanded research services

Home News LAC Group aims to double size of Moncton office

LAC Group’s Chief Business Development Officer Mario Theriault was asked about the ShiftCentral acquisition earlier this year and what it means for the Moncton office.

The interview published by Huddle describes future plans for the New Brunswick-based office and how it aims to double their headcount to 70 in the next five years.

Moncton office

Research experts in LAC Group’s Moncton office.

LAC Group focuses on research & intelligence services, with 35 content creators and researchers in Moncton developing ongoing briefings, daily and monthly newsletters and other publications. Their experts maximize information resources and customize services for specific needs and budgets.

As LAC Group continues to build upon current offerings, it plans to hire more employees with library science, writing and market research expertise who can interpret and synthesize data.

Theriault states:

What LAC Group brings to this facility is that they have different jobs in the information services. They were born out of corporate library services, so library science jobs. They did a lot of outsourced research…so clients of theirs can hire LAC Group researchers for let’s say 10, 20 or 100 hours a month. We’re trying to bring those jobs from the U.S. here.