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Information Outlook: The connected librarian

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Connected librarian

Deb Schwarz, Chief Executive Officer at LAC Group, and a former law library director, discusses the challenges of a ‘connected’ librarian in the March-April 2016 issue of SLA’s Information Outlook.

Deb talked to several librarians within LAC Group to get their views about being connected and how they see their roles and responsibilities changing. She organized their responses about what it means to be a connected librarian into three areas that she believes will guide the future of the profession:

  1. Building and strengthening relationships, both within and outside the profession as well as personal and virtual relationships.
  2. Creating and maintaining a linkage to time—past, present, and future.
  3. Bringing forward the most meaningful information for people from increasingly diverse types and voluminous amounts of content.

“Being outside of one’s comfort zone is always a challenge, but it’s a critical component of being connected,” she writes. “The wider the network the better, because librarianship is a profession in transition. New connections bring new perspectives, as well as opportunities to strategize, adapt and redefine the role of the librarian.”

She also writes, ““Librarians are fortunate to have a long, important history. We must remember that and keep our sense of tradition and contribution alive, while also staying current in the present and keeping an eye toward the future. This balance will guide the sustainability, reputation, and growth of our profession.”

Posted with the permission of the Special Libraries Association.