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Jocelyn McNamara in SLA’s Information Outlook

Conversation with data visualization expert Anselm Spoerri

Home News Jocelyn McNamara in SLA’s Information Outlook

JocelynMcNamaraJocelyn McNamara’s interview with data visualization expert Anselm Spoerri was published in the September-October 2017 issue of Information Outlook, the online magazine for SLA (Special Libraries Association) members. The issue focus was Visualizing Data and Information.

Jocelyn is Deputy Director at LAC Federal, LAC Group’s knowledge and information services division covering government markets.

Anselm Spoerri, professor at Rutgers University School of Communication, Information and Library Studies, has been conducting research and teaching information visualization for 20 years. He is a 2017 winner of the Professional and Scholarly Excellence (PROSE) Award for DataVis, an online tool he helped create for McGraw-Hill to visually explore materials and their properties.

According to Spoerri,

“There’s a notion out there that if I have a data visualization tool and I connect it to the data set, I will magically understand the data. Not so. You need to have certain skills and understandings so that you know how best to make visible what’s in the data.”

SLA members may log in here to read the interview in its entirety.

Otherwise, get highlights including data visualization trends and suggested tools for librarians and information professionals.

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