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Bias in library cataloging and classification

LAC Group employee published in The Conversation

Home News Bias in library cataloging and classification

Amanda Ros, Coordinator of Monograph Copy Cataloging at Texas A&M University Libraries and Virtual Cataloger for LAC Group, has written an article for The Conversation, a media website with the mission to “Inform public debate with knowledge-based journalism that is responsible, ethical and supported by evidence.”

Amanda is one of many research and academic contributors sharing their expertise on this online publication. In her article, “The bias hiding in your library,” Amanda explains how library catalogs work and how cataloger bias can creep in when classifying certain items, resulting in patrons not getting the materials they want.

Amanda presented her library bias research in the Library of Congress Classification and Subject Headings at the NCORE 2018, the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education. She has over 25 years of academic and public library experience, primarily in cataloging, with interest and expertise in cataloging ethics, staff workflows and both physical and digital format. Amanda joined LAC Group for a project at the Tulane Libraries Recovery Center after Hurricane Katrina and continues to provide virtual cataloging support.

Read her entire article on The Conversation website.