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The accidental librarians

Home News The accidental librarians

Jocelyn McNamara, Client Engagement Manager at LAC Federal, was published in the July-August 2016 issue of Information Outlook, the SLA (Special Libraries Association) magazine.

jocelyn-mcnamaraShe interviewed Angela Pagliaro and Kelly Bergman, librarians at Educational Testing Service (ETS) and co-authors of a paper presented at the SLA 2016 Annual Conference in Philadelphia.  Jocelyn tells the story of how the two women—one a marketing analyst and the other an English language teacher and tutor—found librarianship.

Notable quotes on library trends and technology featured in the article:

Angela: “I think we have to move a little bit faster than our users and anticipate what kind of information or technology will be needed for them to perform their work. In the industry we support, the library needs to be responsible for knowing what’s trending in education, technology, and policy.”

Kelly: “A new favorite of mine is virtual reality. I think virtual reality is a technology that could influence a lot of different areas, including educational measurement. That’s something on the horizon that I think is going to be revolutionary for a lot of different industries.”

Read the full interview on the SLA website.