Strategic Staffing Associates, a premier legal staffing and consulting company based in Denver, Colorado, is pleased to announce that its name has been changed to LAC Legal Staffing.

LAC Group named by Los Angeles Business Journal as one of the city’s top women-owned businesses. Owner/founder Deborah Schwarz and her quickly growing company of more than 350 employees came in 34th.

Outsourcing – like Marmite, people seem to love it or hate it. Although outsourcing is gaining ground in law firms, information professionals’ opinions and experiences of it vary greatly.

Can outsourcing and managed services work for the information professional as we[[as the company? Ask Rob Corrao and lain Dunbar of LAC, and the simple answer is ‘yes’.

Times are tough and with increased downsizing there now are more and more women scrambling to create viable career options for themselves.