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Making a name in corporate America and around the world

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LAC Group is not a familiar vendor in the business world, yet our corporate clients know us for the value they gain from our information expertise. We are helping companies thrive in our knowledge-based, data-driven, digital economy by optimizing their operational resources with consulting, content, talent and research services.

Your business is spending too much, unnecessarily

The common purpose of all businesses is profitability, and financial performance is the critical factor behind longevity and success. LAC Group consulting services for managing indirect spend is focused on an underappreciated source of higher profits—procurement. Our spend management team, formerly under the name of CCM, has a proven track record of enhancing profitability by monitoring spending activity on the goods and services needed to run your business, including HR services, office products, facilities management, information services and other expense categories.

Your business needs a librarian

Corporations don’t believe they need a corporate librarian because they don’t have a library. Yet with digital technology, the corporate library is now less of a place and more of a service for a wide range of information needs:

  • Enterprise content management including digital media assets, documents and records
  • Knowledge management for internal skills transfer and lessons learned
  • Skilled research and reference for legal and regulatory matters, competitive intelligence, market research, intellectual property, financial information and more
  • Internal information literacy programs and coaching

A professional librarian can be the most valuable resource for overseeing all of these information management needs and the “L” in LAC Group stand for library—need we say more?

Corporate librarians without the business red-tape

For librarian capabilities without additional headcount or figuring out where and how to incorporate this resource into your operations, remember LAC Group. We offer flexible support and access to the skills you need, from copyright permissions to industry research to legal and regulatory support and anything in-between.

  • Virtual services through a secure, tightly-integrated, online platform.
  • Experienced researchers working at your location, embedded in your workforce.

We call it information management as a service, and it gives you a flexible, economical option for library and information center support, with seamless interaction between your people and our experienced professionals.

Recruiting and staffing for librarians and other knowledge workers

Prefer hiring? Our LibGig talent services can help you with that too:

  • Tap into our network of entry-level and senior librarians and information professionals for any requirement.
  • Post an opening on our job board—we’ll promote your listing in social media, newsletters and other communication avenues.
  • Work with a small but focused recruiting team, dedicated to knowledge worker and library talent.

Digital or analog, active or archives

While digital is a growing piece of the information pie, paper hasn’t disappeared yet and many established companies have boxes full of historical film, tape and paper documentation of all kinds. LAC Group offers a full spectrum of content services for both physical and digital media:

  • Active digital content or establishing a corporate archive.
  • Preservation expertise for film and other analog media.
  • Scanning and digitization capabilities for high-resolution, digital back-ups.
  • Taxonomy and metadata development to library science standards.

Corporate clients include

Guidance for your information challenges

From monitoring spend data and vendor information to research and reference services to historical archiving, LAC Group is a valued provider of content and information management services to Fortune 500 corporations. While our brand is largely unknown in the Fortune 500, we’ve been recognized as a valued supplier and we deliver proven value to our corporate clients.