Company & Competitor Profiles

Unlock insights to pursue opportunities and mitigate risks

Attorneys have a growing need for market knowledge. Libraries and marketing departments are increasingly tasked to provide company and competitor profiles – and do so quickly and efficiently.

At LAC Group, we offer the extra capacity to help your firm deliver on the heightened demand for these profiles.

Whether your firm is looking to attract new clients, stay alert of competitor moves, or grow and maintain market share — our dedicated research team can produce in-depth reports with the information and rationale to power your business development efforts.

These profiles will help you:

Engage with prospective clients

Demonstrate that you understand your prospect’s business objectives and can help them achieve their goals.

Lookout for key and emerging competitors

Monitor your competition for product planning, sales preparation or benchmarking purposes.

Spot new opportunities and partnerships

Identify new markets, acquisitions or new products and services. Team up with one or more organizations to take advantage of a growth opportunity and business development.

Avoid looming threats

Minimize the risk of future disruption, vulnerabilities or competitive surprise to your firm.

With potential opportunities and threats at every corner, we understand the pressure you face to deliver insights.

Meet the demand for insights

If you are dealing with a backlog of requests or seeking to up your game with more targeted profiles, LAC will handle the process quickly, thoroughly, and cost effectively.

Support your needs and priorities

What do you need to know about the company? Why do you need to know it? We’ll help you answer these questions to determine what information and analysis goes into the report – and what is filtered out – so that you have the data and insights you need.

Focus on the “so what”

Our profiles are concise so you can glean the significant insights immediately, without having to wade through pages of irrelevant information.

Identify quality sources in advance

By pinpointing the best places to find the data you are looking for – whether from published reports or subscription sources – the efficiency and quality of the report is improved.

Customized approach for added value

Reports are tailored to the requestor’s purpose – adding selected data and analysis based on whether the report will be used for business development, strategic planning, partner screening, and more.

Overflow coverage

Our flexible and scalable model is designed to expand your research and intelligence capacity – freeing your team up to work on higher-level deliverables.

Want to be ahead of the game in a competitive market?

Utilize LAC’s CI expertise for detailed knowledge on your competitors, markets, prospects and those industries in which you work. We’ll help you unlock insights to win more competitive deals and protect your market position.