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Chase Cost Management (CCM) is a division of LAC Group—a leader in Information Management as a Service.
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Chase Cost Management (CCM) is now LAC Group

Spend management services

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Chase Cost Management (CCM) was founded in 1998 to control indirect spend—various goods and services needed for daily business operations that would otherwise go unchecked, like office products and legal research. Acquired by LAC Group in 2011, CCM will now be known as LAC Group’s spend management services.

This integration creates a one-stop shop for corporations and law firms looking to leverage their spend data and maximize their information management capabilities, freeing cash resources for other needs and investments.

Same commitment to client service and support

Law firms and businesses have long relied on CCM for guidance on reducing indirect spend—the various goods and services needed for daily operations. Now our procurement and spend management experts will be integrated into LAC Group, creating a stronger organization to deliver the best service and support.

Greater ability to leverage your spend data

Even small companies and firms are awash in spend data, and even the largest enterprises are short on procurement time and resources. As part of LAC Group, you can be even more confident in our ability to detect errors and inconsistencies, identify savings opportunities and provide greater vendor and industry insights.

Maximize your financial performance and profitability

LAC Group will continue to work in partnership with finance and procurement executives across a full spectrum of indirect spend categories, such as office equipment and supplies, HR-related expenses, treasury and financial services and our specialty niche of research and information services. Every dollar of savings we find is a dollar that goes straight to your bottom line to enhance your financial performance.