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Keep social media private during job search

July 23, 2014

Home Blog Keep social media private during job search

To socialize, to network, to gain attention—what are your reasons for using social media?

According to the Pew Research Internet Project, approximately 74% of those with access to the internet use social media.  Included in that 74% are recruiters, headhunters, and hiring managers who scroll through candidates’ profiles and pages to obtain more information.  Therefore, your social media page can make or break your chances of getting a job.

How can you prevent your profile from negatively affecting your job search? The easiest solution is to make all your social media profiles and pages private.  This setting should be set so that only your approved friends can see your profile.  By doing this, recruiters will not be able to view your pages, posts, and pictures.

In addition to making your personal profile private, you can make a public profile for professional use and/or utilize professional social media outlets, like LinkedIn, which are specifically for the professional field.  However, getting rid of all your social media should not be an option, for a candidate’s ability to use social media is a positive attribute in a recruiter’s eyes.

In summary, social media is used by majority of internet users, which includes recruiters.  Social media profiles and pages can create a bias and influence the recruiter in a negative manner.  An easy way to prevent this is by keeping all personal pages private and creating public professional pages using professional outlets like LinkedIn.

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