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Searching for gold

December 02, 2012

Home Blog Searching for gold

When I started working at ShiftCentral, our CEO told me the goal was to search every day for a ‘golden nugget’ of information. That piece of information that could make a significant difference to our clients – a potential lead, a heads up on a brewing crisis, a juicy tidbit about a competitor. It’s finding these nuggets that set us apart from automated MI software. We don’t always find these valuables tucked neatly inside the keywords we search; honestly, sometimes I don’t know what I’m looking for until I find it!

I recently attended a webinar that dealt with MI strategy. The presenter shared how the automated software her company used for MI had once missed tracking an event that was crucial knowledge for her company – what I call the ‘golden nugget.’ She explained that her keywords hadn’t picked up the information, and that since it was automated software and not a real person, the system failed.

We could argue that humans are flawed as well … but finding that golden nugget, I believe, is our strength. We have the capacity to discern and differentiate, and to watch outside the set parameters — something automated software can’t do.


This article was originally published on ShiftCentral, now part of LAC Group.

Mario Thériault

Mario Thériault

Mario Thériault is Chief Business Development Officer and oversees all aspects of LAC Group’s growth strategy, partnership and alliance programs. Prior to LAC’s acquisition of ShiftCentral, Mario served as CEO and continuously evolved the company to emphasize the importance of strategic, curated intelligence to solve clients validated business needs.
Mario Thériault
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