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Library as a Service Scenario – Rights Clearance

August 27, 2014

Home Blog Library as a Service Scenario – Rights Clearance

Does your organization have a copyright policy that is supposed to be followed whenever someone needs to reprint, share electronically, or post copyrighted materials? Does your organization have a business license with the Copyright Clearance Office (CCC)? Whether it does or doesn’t, are there times that you are asked to obtain copyright permission or licensing for representatives of your business who are presenting copyrighted materials at educational programs in-house or at external events?

If your business has a CCC license, you know that it allows for permission to make print and electronic copies for use within your business for some types of materials, but it doesn’t cover everything. In fact, it sometimes restricts use depending on author or other factors even if the publisher participates as a CCC rights holder. At the same time, the fact remains that if your for-profit organization is using videos, images, company logos, and other materials covered by copyright law, but not covered by the CCC or similar agencies for business purposes, it must seek permission for that use.

LAC Group provides a full range of services related to copyright permission, licensing, rights and clearances advisory services. The rights agencies we work with include ASCAP, BMI, MPLC, SESAC, and the CCC as well as similar agencies outside of the U.S. But, we don’t stop there. Our specialty is obtaining permissions or licensing not available through these types of agencies.

Our client’s users submit copyright and licensing requests via a web-based service that allows them to ask questions, provide answers, and see the progress on their request from beginning to end. Once received, our LAC Group’s experts in rights clearances will work diligently to obtain video, image, text or other media permission licensing from rights holders to allow our clients to be fully compliant with U.S. domestic and international copyright laws.

We have a large aerospace client using our services for times when its employees want to:

  • Include various types of materials in internal training classes, marketing materials, external meetings and conference presentations;
  • Post resources to their internet, intranet or extranet sites;
  • Share any type of copyrighted materials not covered by existing licenses.

Finally, LAC Group can also provide a fully branded web-based service in which we assign an account executive and administrative contact to work with client’s designated staff to establish a customized rights management portal, provide documentation and protocols as well as simple training tools to enable client employees to immediately begin to use the service. LAC Group enforces a rigorous quality assurance approach that adheres to defined quality standards, checks and balances.

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