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Small to medium firms face an increasingly complex competitive landscape — the race for talent and new clients, navigating rising costs, time pressures, and limited resources. Adding to these pressures are growing administrative burdens and demands to scale up through consolidation. This ever-changing environment requires…

To better understand the current state of how the law firm library is being utilized to produce newsletters and email alerts, we surveyed nearly 30 librarians from different sized law firms. We thought it would be helpful to share the results and provide a brief…

How are firms addressing the demands for a digital library to serve their attorneys’ information and research needs? Janeanne Gorman, Executive Director at Keller & Heckman; Jon Grant, Director of Innovative Strategies at Greenberg Traurig; and Kristin Nichols, Chief Practice Officer at Katten Muchin Rosenman…

The fact that law firms were able to so profitably address this challenge for so long, and enable lawyers to become increasingly specialized as the law became more complex, speaks to the power of the innovation.

Many firms have been on the verge of “going digital” for the past few years, inching their way towards this goal by whittling away physical space and canceling print subscriptions. This pandemic has changed the equation by accelerating what was already in motion.

This article is some basic advice to help managers and department heads do that preparation. It’s added pressure on top of managing newly remote work teams and dealing with personal coronavirus circumstances.

We can gain a lot from taking a principled approach to adoption of new legal tech products, both within the market generally and within organizations. Aligning with principles makes efforts much more effective.

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