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IP patent research, litigation & docket search, SEC filings

What are your research-on-demand needs?

October 15, 2013

Home Blog IP patent research, litigation & docket search, SEC filings

To meet the ongoing need for information that’s requested regularly and needed fast, we developed a “research on demand” service called R2S, for Rapid Research Solutions. Some examples of routinely requested information include:

  • Legal Research – Case law, litigation and docket searching and tracking, statutes and regulations.
  • Business Research – Financial and SEC filings, industry research, trend reports.
  • Science or Technology Research – Patents and intellectual property, factual supporting data.

We also do competitive intelligence, market research, customized news digests, case studies, demographics and more, including in-depth analysis. Complex research requirements are no problem for our skilled researchers.

R2S incorporates a secure portal for entering and tracking requests, access to professional research staff (including subject matter experts in patents, information technology, law, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and energy), and flexible billing options. Once a mutual non-disclosure agreement is signed, R2S is like having your own comprehensive research department on call, whenever you need it.


With R2S Rapid Research Solutions, you get a secure portal where you can log in any time to submit a request or check existing requests. All requests include a priority level and are responded to by a research specialist to make sure we fully understand the requirements.


Our skilled researchers include paralegals, librarians and research specialists with a variety of subject matter knowledge. Along with routine information requests, we can also provide in-depth, analytic services with specialists in patents, science and technology and law.

  • Our science team can set up patent and technical alerts to monitor technical publishing on a daily, weekly, monthly or other basis. We produce scientific and technical literature reviews and patent research, with particular expertise in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, energy, and technology.
  • We can offer assistance in virtually any practice area through our contract attorneys, paralegals and other legal experts for projects like finding expert witnesses, developing legislative histories and topical research in support of a matter.


You can choose a pay-as-you-go option for individual projects or membership and subscription models for added savings for regular use. Pricing is based on applicable hourly research rates and expenses for access to necessary databases, and we offer support and additional confidentiality guarantees if needed.

Corporations, law firms, government agencies – every organization has routine research needs, yet that doesn’t always justify hiring dedicated research staff. Even when you do have your own researchers, additional assistance during busy times or specialized skills and knowledge are often needed.

LAC Group created R2S Rapid Research Solutions to respond to the need for accurate information and fast turnaround. If it sounds like something that could be useful to your organization, we invite you to contact us to discuss your research requirements or view a demonstration.

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