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Comparing five current awareness platforms

Update to “Nothing but the relevant content” report

April 10, 2019

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Five current awareness platforms

Content aggregation is a relatively new EIR (electronic information resource) category that’s more recently being referred to as “current awareness” or “media monitoring” platforms.

I believe these new labels paint a more accurate picture of the value delivered by these tools. With the overwhelming amount of digital content being published, the need for condensing is surpassing the desire for aggregating. It’s not just “more” that people want; it’s more relevance.

LAC Group explored five products in this space a few years ago and published a report, “Nothing but the relevant content.” Our intention was to support your own evaluation process. It’s also helpful if you’re not aware of current awareness and media monitoring. We just updated the original report, published in 2016, staying with the same five vendors. They are not the only options, but they are market leaders.

Five current awareness / media monitoring platforms

The 2019 version covers five solutions that our clients and EIR experts have identified as key players and leaders in this space:

  1. InfoNgen by EPAM Systems
  2. Manzama Base by Manzama
  3. Meltwater
  4. Newsdesk by LexisNexis
  5. Vable

All of them allow you to monitor a vast range of multimedia coverage on any topic or person of interest and, in this case, multimedia means multiple media outlets, everything from major newspapers to blogs to social media. In addition to bringing information together with various filters and ways to control the flow, all provide the ability to compile and distribute your customized findings via newsletters, alerts and other methods.

What “Nothing but the relevant content” contains

Keeping with our theme, we focused on making it relevant and easy. The report comes in at 20 pages. While we did gather vendor input, we wanted to minimize their influence in order to remain unbiased, relying heavily on our own research and knowledge.

You won’t find screenshots or deep dive explanations, but you will get an executive overview along with the following:

  • Needs and utilization explaining how and why these platforms are used.
  • Content and features overview.
  • Evaluation considerations and caveats.
  • Two appendices—feature overview table and vendor information.

How content aggregation in 2016 became current awareness in 2019

We found three major changes in the few years since we created the first report:

  1. Advanced AI features and capabilities, including analytics, machine learning and natural language processing.
  2. Greater focus on intelligence and awareness as opposed to content aggregation.
  3. Greater availability of specific solutions to meet the needs of different industries and user groups.

Information overload isn’t going away, but with the right people and tools, it’s becoming more manageable and meaningful. Some recommendations to guide you in that regard:

  • Download your copy of “Nothing but the relevant content.” It’s a free decision-support aid that will help you understand the value of current awareness and media monitoring and answer the question, should you invest in this EIR category?
  • As for possible investment, the report doesn’t reveal specific pricing since pricing is specific to each situation. However, you can seek the wisdom of indirect spend management experts like our own, who have guided LAC clients toward their best information options while ensuring they don’t overspend. Learn more.
Cate North

Cate North

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