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Land the perfect internship

January 29, 2014

Home Blog Land the perfect internship

It seems almost impossible to land a job in any professional field without work experience. Due to this, more and more people are applying for internships. If that’s something you have in mind, the following three tips will guide your efforts.

1. Research internship opportunities

If you want the perfect internship, you must know where to look. Do not expect to find every single type of job on one job board website. Use multiple job websites. Some sites like have alert systems that send you lists of jobs or internships that are within the job field of your choosing. In addition, obtain more information at your school’s career development center, or from your professors/mentors that are already in the field of your choice.

2. Match the internship requirements

Once you find internships, you need to begin applying. However, it is very likely that tens, if not hundreds, of people are also applying for the same internship. Recruiters skim through hundreds of resumes a day, and they do not have time to search through your resume during the first stage of hiring. Therefore, make yourself stand out by tailoring your resume/CV to match the internship’s job descriptions. In addition, keep it neat, simple, consistent, and to the point.

3. Follow-up appropriately

After applying, it is not always necessary to follow up and some applicants do themselves more harm than good by doing too much. However, if you have already established a relationship within the company before applying, reaching out in regards to the status of your application is a positive sign of your true interest in the opportunity. In addition, if you have reached the interview stage within your application, a simple “thank you” email afterwards is also a positive.

Lastly, don’t be alarmed if you do not get the first couple internships you apply for. It does not mean you should stop looking. Your resume and skill set will improve with every application.

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