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2021 is just around the corner and there is a lot to consider in terms of business development inside law firms. That’s why we held a webinar, Legal2021: The New Growth Imperative, to see how our panelists of legal marketing and BD professionals are keeping…

How are firms addressing the demands for a digital library to serve their attorneys’ information and research needs? Janeanne Gorman, Executive Director at Keller & Heckman; Jon Grant, Director of Innovative Strategies at Greenberg Traurig; and Kristin Nichols, Chief Practice Officer at Katten Muchin Rosenman…

The fact that law firms were able to so profitably address this challenge for so long, and enable lawyers to become increasingly specialized as the law became more complex, speaks to the power of the innovation.

Many firms have been on the verge of “going digital” for the past few years, inching their way towards this goal by whittling away physical space and canceling print subscriptions. This pandemic has changed the equation by accelerating what was already in motion.

Food giant Nestle made a $500-million-dollar mistake in 2015 after failing to monitor and respond adequately to a safety recall in India. A batch of its popular product, Maggi noodles, was tested for high levels of lead and caused the company to lose $277 million…

LAC Group employs a talented, experienced group of analysts and editors who monitor and summarize competitive intelligence findings for clients. Following are more members of the research and intelligence team in our Moncton, New Brunswick offices.

In early March, about the time that COVID was classified as a pandemic, LAC Group presented a webinar, The revenue opportunity you're missing, with Foundation Software Group. The topic was how to enhance enterprise-wide collaboration by combining and leveraging two information sources.

Every client and prospect we interact with says essentially the same thing: they’re figuring this out as they go. To that end, we’ve compiled and updated a few of the briefings we published during the height of the crisis from late March through April.

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