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LAC Group employs a talented, experienced group of analysts and editors who monitor and summarize competitive intelligence findings for clients. Following are more members of the research and intelligence team in our Moncton, New Brunswick offices.

In early March, about the time that COVID was classified as a pandemic, LAC Group presented a webinar, The revenue opportunity you're missing, with Foundation Software Group. The topic was how to enhance enterprise-wide collaboration by combining and leveraging two information sources.

Every client and prospect we interact with says essentially the same thing: they’re figuring this out as they go. To that end, we’ve compiled and updated a few of the briefings we published during the height of the crisis from late March through April.

Because our market intelligence analysts conduct research across many industries, they can draw parallels that researchers working within a specific sector or company may not be able to see. And as part of a team, they call on each other for benchmarks and second opinions.

This article is some basic advice to help managers and department heads do that preparation. It’s added pressure on top of managing newly remote work teams and dealing with personal coronavirus circumstances.

We can gain a lot from taking a principled approach to adoption of new legal tech products, both within the market generally and within organizations. Aligning with principles makes efforts much more effective.

Working remotely is not an option for all work roles or business functions, and some employees who can work from home may struggle. Yet wherever possible for the coming weeks, it is prudent to expand or implement at least a temporary remote work policy.

The finance industry is large and diverse, serving both consumer and commercial markets. It is also a complex, highly regulated industry, and as mentioned already, one that is undergoing fundamental change. Keeping track of so many moving parts is a challenge, even for large companies…

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