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Author: Merrell Moorhead

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How to create a good company profile using a set of building blocks that will enable you to generate high-quality insights about that organization and what opportunities and/or threats it might present.

We have found in both our own work and talking to clients an increasing emphasis on human intelligence—supported by robust tools. AI shows potential to empower companies to perform efficiently through completing repetitive, simple and less sophisticated tasks. But the more complex tasks require human…

Food giant Nestle made a $500-million-dollar mistake in 2015 after failing to monitor and respond adequately to a safety recall in India. A batch of its popular product, Maggi noodles, was tested for high levels of lead and caused the company to lose $277 million…

It can be confusing and frustrating: you need insights and data to give you a competitive edge, so you search for good intelligence. What you find is that business intelligence, competitive intelligence and market intelligence are all vying for your attention and in some cases,…

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