Case study: Legal research savings

AmLaw 50 firm saves on information resource expenses


Armed with library resourcing expertise, vendor knowledge and benchmarking data, Chase Cost Management (CCM) spend management consultants uncover savings opportunities for electronic and print legal research services, fee-based solutions for competitive and business intelligence, software systems and other knowledge and information management expenses.

Our team includes former law librarians who ensure you have access to the right information, without paying for redundant or unnecessary services.

Research savings for AmLaw 50 firm

See how CCM was able to uncover savings opportunities and maintain a flat resource budget for an AmLaw 50 firm, allowing it to successfully control its library spend while adding new products from numerous vendors.


Duplicate and lightly used content was removed from a fixed-rate contract and users were notified to ensure they knew their options, saving 25% with the vendor, including the replacement of content.

Line-by-line analysis of all print and online information resources

Options to reduce costs without sacrificing attorney access

In-depth usage analysis that resulted in six strategic options

The best option was chosen and implemented over a six-month period, with ongoing monitoring by CCM to ensure new contracts were correctly implemented and expected savings were actualized. Working with firm decision makers to identify and assess their information resource options, CCM achieved cost savings where possible.