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About LAC Group

Our mission and story

Who is LAC Group?

The skilled professionals of LAC Group deliver the expertise you need, when you need it, bringing over 30 years of knowledge and information management experience and reliable service to every client engagement.

Knowledge and information managed services

The mission of LAC Group is to be the trusted leader in optimizing information, both digital and analog, by leveraging world-class talent and expertise.

The story of LAC began in 1986 when Deborah Schwarz left her library director position at a major law firm in Los Angeles and founded Libraries, Inc.—a boutique staffing business for law firms in southern California. When asked by a client if she would be willing to completely take over and manage the firm’s library, she recognized an opportunity to expand her business by adding managed services to the company’s offerings.

LAC Group has grown through opportunity and acquisition to add greater value to our clients by offering comprehensive services for managing and leveraging information. Today we are a diversified, business-to-business information services provider. Our clients include Fortune 500 corporations, major law firms, federal government, media and entertainment companies and leading universities throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.

LAC Group over the years

LAC company timeline

Skilled information professionals working on your behalf

Our team becomes an extension of your team, with experience and services for content, research, talent and consulting to meet all your information needs:

  • Library and knowledge management
  • Research support for law, business and government
  • Indirect spend management and cost containment
  • Enterprise content management
  • Digitization and digital asset management
  • Preservation and archiving of film, paper and tape
  • Metadata, data lifecycle and other data management
  • Recruiting, staffing and talent acquisition and management

Why LAC Group

 LAC Group’s success is driven and differentiated by people who transform content into long-term assets and information to actionable knowledge. Whether staffing libraries and information centers, tackling research requests, preserving film and other media, monitoring indirect spend for savings opportunities or negotiating vendor contracts, our people make the difference.

Our approach to “information management as a service” means you get the support and expertise you need for however long you need them.