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THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015

The second in a series of career guides for students with library and information science degrees is now available from LAC Group. Advice for Job Seekers offers insights from the company’s Director of Recruiting, including advice on how to bridge the experience gap, an assessment of the current state of libraries, and a Day in the Life profile of a young working librarian.

The guides are free of charge in digital format to universities with MLIS/LIS (Master/Bachelor of Library and Information Science) programs. Each one focuses on a career topic relevant to current needs and trends in a rapidly evolving employment arena. The first booklet, Competitive Intelligence, focused on research work in high demand by law firms and corporations – one that is well-suited to individuals with library training. Universities like San José State University (SJSU) have posted the publications on their library science program website.

“LAC Group’s digital booklets are a valuable resource for our alumni, current students, and prospective students,” says Nicole Purviance, Director of Marketing and Communications for the School of Information at SJSU. “The first booklet on career opportunities in competitive intelligence really opened eyes to the expanding job market for information professionals.” Read more!