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THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 2015LAC Group Mack Sennett Press Release - PRNewswire-16april2015 (1)_Page_1

It took over sixty years, but the authentic location of comedic filmmaking pioneer Mack Sennett’s Keystone Studios has been properly recognized and dedicated.  The studio was the birthplace of the “Keystone Cops” and the early playground of film legends like Charlie Chaplin.

Participating in the dedication ceremony on February 27, 2015, was Film Historian and PRO-TEK Restoration Expert, Stan Taffel, who spoke about Sennett’s filmmaking legacy and ground-breaking work in comedy.  Taffel is one of PRO-TEK’s filmmaking experts often called upon for their knowledge of the motion picture industry and the medium of film.  As authorities on restoration, preservation and archiving, the professionals at PRO-TEK are valuable film references, recognized worldwide for their understanding of cinematic history dating back to the silent era.

“Mack Sennett and other pioneers made it possible for those in the movie industry today to do what they do,” says Taffel.  “He practically taught the world to laugh.  For several decades of the 20th century, he honored us with his many gifts.  It’s fitting that in the 21st century, we honor him.” Read more!