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Webinar: Controlled vocabularies

Metadata for mere mortals

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In this webinar, metadata librarian Erin Antognoli discusses controlled vocabularies and how they fit into the use of metadata. If you haven’t yet listened to our previous discussions on metadata, “Metadata and the data lifecycle,” and “Choosing metadata standards,” you may want to take a few minutes to catch up.

What is a controlled vocabulary? A controlled vocabulary is a vehicle that helps standardize information and provides a consistent representation of data across records and collections. Controlled vocabularies are more than just preferred terms, although that’s a big part of it. In addition, a controlled vocabulary:

  • Ensures wording and spelling are consistent.
  • Places limits on content entry in a particular field.
  • Specifies formatting.
  • Enables integration with linked data.

Learn more about the use of controlled vocabularies to provide consistency and structure to metadata in this latest installment of our Metadata for mere mortals webinar series.

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Future metadata topics will include:

  • Metadata-linked data
  • Role of metadata in a world of full-text search