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PRO-TEK Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Eastman Kodak Company created PRO-TEK Vaults in 1993 to be one of the world’s most secure film inspection, preservation and storage vaults for high-value moving image and still photography content. Some of PRO-TEK’s work includes restoration of “The Godfather” and preservation of historical Olympic Games footage for the International Olympic Committee. Virtually every major studio has turned to PRO-TEK for the company’s film knowledge and expertise.

Rick Utley was approached by Eastman Kodak to help develop this new business. He is the 2014 recipient of the William S. O’Farrell Award, given to individuals who have made significant contributions to the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA).

We invite you to watch this video, created to mark the 20th anniversary of PRO-TEK and Utley’s retirement the end of 2014. (He will take a seat on LAC Group’s Board of Directors, while Tom Regal has assumed PRO-TEK leadership, overseeing the company’s Burbank and Thousand Oaks, California archiving operations.)

You will better understand why LAC Group acquired PRO-TEK in 2013 and how this team of film experts and enthusiasts have become famous in their own right by making preservation and restoration their life’s work.

The Rise of the Library: Tools for a new way of thinking

There’s a lot of talk about technology and the Library these days. In The Rise of the Library, LAC Group CEO, Deb Schwarz and Peter Ozolin, CEO of Manzama, will show you how to turn your opinion into domain expertise through automated data collection, curated alerts and data analysis.

LAC Group Talks PRO-TEK Acquisition

LAC Group’s executive management team discusses the acquisition of PRO-TEK Vaults and the mutual value to joint clients, markets and business opportunities.

Broadcast Beat Interviews Tyler Leshney at AMIA DAS 2014

Debra Kaufman of Broadcast Beat ( interviews LAC Group at AMIA DAS 2014.

The Curate's Egg

LAC Group presentation on the benefits of curation in the world of media at the 2014 AMIA DAS Conference.

Interview Preparation

LAC Group recruiter shares tips on how to prepare for an interview.