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Business need: Competing in a changing news landscape

Cable television, social media and the ease of web publishing have intensified competition for all news media, including major broadcasters. Consumption patterns and expectations have shifted, thanks to demographics, technology advances, greater mobility and more consumer choices. The need to “scoop” and outperform the competition has become even more challenging and intense.

To compete in this new environment, one broadcast news organization needed skilled media managers to support a vast library of archival and current video footage overwhelming its internal management capacity.

While the organization had systems and resources in place, they needed to streamline operations to fully realize the library’s value beyond the production process by increasing user confidence and utilization.

Business solution: Integrated media management for digital and physical assets

The company turned to LAC Group to create, implement and operate a proprietary, fully-integrated asset management system encompassing millions of legacy physical assets in a variety of formats like film, videotape, transcripts, show folders and logsalong with large volumes of new digital footage created every day.

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Based on its assessment and recommendations, LAC Group was chosen to manage and transform the client’s high-value content into a 21st century resource, including the development of a video resource group or VRG. This consolidation of resources in one place, along with regularly updated tips, search suggestions and links, has made it easy for producers and other media professionals and staff to gain quick access to the most timely, accurate and relevant information they need.

Business outcome: Streamlined and enhanced production and distribution

The client has gained a number of operational and financial benefits from the consolidation and management of its digital and physical assets. Multiple operations were reorganized into a centralized resource managed 24/7 by a team of media, library and content professionals who support digital media management operations, daily digital ingest, content priority and preservation, metadata management and a cohesive digital asset management (DAM) system. Access is fast and easy, via a dynamic web portal that makes information directly available to the entire news division, no matter where the user is located.

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