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Tom Glaser

Managing Director, Spend Management Services

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Glaser CCM

“Identifying and reducing unnecessary expenses directs money straight to the bottom line, making it a relatively fast and easy way for any business to improve its cash flow.”

Tom Glaser is responsible for LAC Spend Management client relationships and business development in midwest markets like Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Cleveland. He specializes in multiple spend category engagements in companies with multiple locations.

An expert in corporate turnarounds, Tom is focused on operational improvement. As one example, working across nine indirect spend categories in five companies for a private equity firm portfolio, he generated $12,000,000 in cash flow. Tom has over thirty years of business and finance experience, including a stint as a runner on the New York Stock Exchange. He founded and ran Glaser Capital, an investment banking firm for mid-market companies in the midwest, for over 25 years. Prior to joining LAC Group, he founded and managed Spend Management Partners.

Tom strives to deliver the full value of LAC Group’s expertise to business and legal clients, which is knowledge and strategies that empower them to spend smarter and operate more effectively.


  • BSM, Finance – Tulane University
  • MBA – Stern School of Business, New York University