Report: Teamwork on the legal frontline

Strategic new roles for marketing and the library

The new competitive advantage for law firms

Excellence in competitive intelligence, market intelligence and client relationship management are the new advantages in today’s legal markets.

This new dynamic brings fresh opportunity – as well as additional challenges – to law firm librarians and marketing staff.

To better understand how law librarians and marketing are working together and could work together more effectively, LAC Group surveyed 16 global, AmLaw 200 clients and prospects. CEO Deborah Schwarz confirms and shares the trends and imperatives that law library and marketing teams must follow to elevate their status within the firm.

Free report outlines new requirements and expectations

Teamwork on the legal frontline: The strategic new roles of marketing and the library in big law, is now available free for viewing and downloading.

Findings include:

  • How competitive intelligence is positioned within the firm.
  • Which information resources are most useful, popular and prevalent.
  • Client relationship management (CRM) gaps and challenges.
  • Three criteria that will shape the future of the library and marketing professions in big law.

Don’t miss out! This free report shows how law firms are leveraging their library and marketing department to optimize business development and client retention efforts.

View and download Teamwork on the legal frontline today!


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