Wealth management firm

Business need: Gain knowledge to compete in lucrative niche market

As a leading provider of wealth management services in North America, with a growing presence in Asia, this client needed to learn from its competition while becoming more knowledgeable and proactive about industry and technology disruptionsto meet expectations of high-net worth clients. It needed a better way to drive market insights and trigger internal actions with a holistic approach to market intelligence. The solution was to partner with a capable, trustworthy service provider that could deliver customized market intelligence for their needs.

wealth management

Business solution: Intelligence curated by humans for unique client expectations

The world of private banking and wealth management is more complex than ever as the number of high-net-worth individuals grows in size and diversity. The client realized that it had to be at the forefront of various issues such as immigration, faith-based investing, art, succession planning and global mobility.  Aiming to align business growth with the demands of this niche, lucrative market in an increasingly competitive and globalized environment, the company chose customized market intelligence powered by human curation and context.

Business outcome: Personalized intelligence for personalized service

After extensive consultation, a market intelligence resource center was launched with the flexibility to include new content sources and analysis as needs changed. Our dedicated researchers and analysts keep it live with real-time, curated and contextualized content from primary and secondary research, internal and external sources, economic analysis findings and social media monitoring. The result is highly personalized service in response to the demands and expectations of high net-worth individuals.

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