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Digital content metadata for educational media company

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Our Client, an education media company, has created and maintains a video-on-demand website that features thousands of educational streaming videos averaging from fifteen minutes to an hour in duration. Teachers and other educators may search the database for video content that reflects their lesson plans.

When a video is selected, the user can view the program in full-length form, chapters, or sections. LAC Group’ staff prepared the digital educational video for retrieval by identifying and separating the full-length programs into chapters and sections. LAC Group staff wrote concise descriptions for retrieval for each program, chapter, and section and furthermore assigns start, end, and duration times, keywords, controlled vocabulary terms, taxonomic terms, biographical, geographical, and historical information to each program, chapter, and section. LAC Group’s engagement with our Client was extended and expanded to include Taxonomic Association Upgrades as well as Content Evaluation and Selection for a new middle-school science database.