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Customer satisfaction survey for government agency

Home Success Stories Customer satisfaction survey for government agency

A government agency contracted LAC Group to update a customer satisfaction and benchmark survey, last conducted in 2001, to reflect developments in library services and technology and current user requirements. The agency wanted to track trends identified by the earlier surveys, so the new surveys needed to capture as much of the same data as possible, while also eliciting data that would evaluate the present and help them plan for the future.

Working closely with the agency’s in-house library staff, LAC Group consultants revised and updated the questions, developed online surveys, tabulated and analyzed the results and created and presented a report. In addition to tracking trends from the previous customer satisfaction survey, LAC Group designed the updated survey to measure:

  • current user behavior and needs.
  • users’ value perception of the library and library services.
  • use of new tools and technologies such as blogs, RSS feeds, and personal devices to gather information for their work and to learn about library services and resources.

Our contract was subsequently modified to provide more detailed analysis of the customer satisfaction survey and to design and conduct an assessment of library support for the agency’s publication program.