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Manage and reduce expenses for voice, data and mobile

At LAC Group, we do the research so you don’t have to, saving you the time and hassle of reviewing rates, tariffs, surcharges, network maps and other carrier features and capabilities.

With the goal of reducing costs without sacrificing your telecommunication needs and expectations, our services for telecom expense management (TEM) entail an accurate inventory and assessment of your current voice and data infrastructure, review and audit of bills to find overages and anomalies, monitoring contracts to eliminate violations and negotiating with vendors to get the best deals.

How LAC reduces telecommunication costs

With our access to benchmarking data and deep vendor knowledge, LAC Group gives you an advantage point that your competitors may not be leveraging.

Here are three ways we cut telecommunication costs.

  • Review of your billing history, BYOD (bring your own device) policies and other aspects of your current telecommunications situation to identify savings opportunities.
  • Time-saving, profit-maximizing of voice and data lines, cellular / mobile service, conferencing and other telecommunication services.
  • Guidance through carrier selection, contract negotiations and paperwork tracking to make sure you receive all promised discounts and other due benefits.

Lower your telecommunication costs

Download our telecom fact sheet to discover how we analyze your current telecom infrastructure and create a detailed optimization plan to reach your spend management objectives.

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“I’ve been an outspoken critic of these types of services in the past. However, I was impressed with the strategic advice and support we received throughout this process. The savings we’ve achieved as a team spoke for itself. LAC helped us achieve a great outcome.”

Mark Gediman
Director of Information Services, Best Best & Krieger LLP