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Operating services

From shipping to uniforms to treasury management

Businesses require a variety of operating services like uniforms, payment systems, treasury management, shipping and more.

The commonality? All are necessary, ongoing expenses that eat into your business profits. And your company may lack the data and other resources to ensure you’re not overpaying.

Look to LAC Group as your spend management partner and guide to manage vendors, negotiate contract terms and conditions, monitor compliance and audit invoices and billing practices.

How we find your savings


Employer-mandated uniforms worn for the employer’s benefit–whether it’s for branding or OSHA requirements–must be provided to employees free of charge. If this applies to your business, look to us for guidance on how to manage and monitor this ongoing operational expense. Our vendor knowledge, contract negotiation expertise and ongoing monitoring will ensure you save money while meeting your marketing, safety and other uniform goals and requirements.

Electronic payment and commerce

The convenience of paying with credit and debit cards combined with the growth of e-commerce have been a double whammy to many businesses. While they reduce some transactional costs and increase sales opportunities, the processing charges and fees are a continuous drain on profit margins. Meanwhile a growing array of options have made merchant services and electronic payment solutions more complicated and time-consuming to assess. If this is a concern for your business, turn to LAC Group for guidance and time-saving help. We’ll ensure you are not paying more than necessary for secure, reliable electronic commerce and payment systems.

Treasury management

Reliable, cost-effective management of your financial holdings is vitally important to successful companies. You rely on your bank or other treasury management provider to help you manage business liquidity, optimize financial resources and mitigate risk. And with assistance from LAC Group, you can rely on our insights, benchmarking data and experience to make sure your treasury services are the best fit for your needs and as cost-efficient as possible. We will ensure your vendors are delivering on their promises for managing your receivables and payables, investments, foreign exchange transactions, asset/liability management and other treasury management services.


Reduce shipping and freight expenses with help from LAC Group. Our shipping experts tap into a variety of tactics and strategies, backed by up-to-date knowledge of transportation vendors and services.

How we reduce shipping and freight costs

  • Negotiating with carriers and varying carrier options, including regional players.
  • Ensuring shipping policies are established and enforced to maximize volume and leverage other carrier incentives.
  • Offering guidance through carrier selection, contract negotiations and paperwork tracking.

With our access to benchmarking data and deep vendor knowledge, LAC Group gives you an advantage point that your competitors may not be leveraging.