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Office expenses

Office supply costs are ripe for savings

Office products cost most businesses hundreds of dollars per employee, per year–four figures in some industries. This large indirect spend category encompasses office supplies, furniture, equipment like computers and printers / copiers / MFDs (multi-function devices), break room supplies—think of all your office needs for binding, labeling, filing, organizing, furnishings, business forms, cleaning supplies, promotional products and more.

Common spend obstacles in office product category

  • Employees or departments buying off-contract
  • Purchases (especially supplies) happen frequently and in small average volumes
  • Hundreds of product lines multiplied by thousands of SKUs

With roots in the office supply industry, LAC Group has experience, methods and data to support busy procurement teams by reducing or eliminating these obstacles. And money that your business saves on office supplies is a direct boost to profits.

How LAC Group reduces office product expenses

Our spend management experts are trusted partners and objective guides to finance and procurement executives in business and law.

  • Tracking new products, new packaging, obsolescence and other product changes that affect purchasing results. We have 50,000 global SKU’s in our database.
  • Monitoring invoices on a continuous basis to flag errors and irregularities and ensure all discounts and rebates are applied.
  • Streamlining RFPs and optimizing contract terms and conditions with guidance based on extensive vendor knowledge, benchmarking data and negotiation experience.

Multi-functional devices (MFDs)

Multi-function devices (MFDs) that combine printing, copying and other document features are costly to purchase and operate. From complex leasing options and termination clauses, to extra fees for color and other features, companies quickly realize how expensive these devices can be.

Global office product procurement

Additional spend obstacles for global businesses

Our spend management program for office products has been scaled to meet the needs and challenges of multinational businesses:

  • Relationships with local office product suppliers
  • National product differences and needs
  • Language barriers and cultural differences

Order for global procurement chaos

In a recent sampling of eight client projects involving 15 countries, we identified an average annual savings of 23%.

“LAC Group’s approach to our negotiations was tailored to our unique needs, giving us added confidence that our final contracts would meet the expectations of our management and the needs of our employees. Now that the contracts have been signed, LAC Group’s monthly auditing continues to provide us with indispensable insight into the daily performance of our contracts.”

Executive Director – AM LAW 50 FIRM