Information resource management

If realizing the highest value and managing research subscriptions are among your objectives, you’ve come to the right place. As a leader in information management services, part of LAC Group’s value is deep knowledge in the growing arena of digital services, from legal research and competitive intelligence platforms to software-as-a-service or SaaS.

How LAC Group maximizes library and information resources

Vendor relationships

LAC Group monitors vendor performance against contracts for pricing, service levels (SLAs), key performance indicators (KPIs) and other negotiated terms and conditions.

Benchmarking and trend data

LAC Group evaluates historical pricing and trend data based on best practices and comprehensive benchmarking across various organizational sizes and industries.

Resource consolidation

LAC Group examines new and established information resources, user preferences and other considerations to better manage your tools.

Paying less for LexisNexis, Westlaw and other subscriptions

Enterprise access to information services from companies like RELX, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Wolters Kluwer and others can get costly fast. While they are mission-critical, the way they are evaluated, selected and implemented in large organizations is often wasteful thanks to decision-making siloes, personal preferences, fragmented utilization and other factors.

LAC Group takes a methodical approach to jumping these hurdles, starting with an initial analysis and continuing with ongoing support:

  • Review of several months of utilization data such as gross usage, monthly guarantees, questionable usage, content exclusions and more.
  • Report our findings, analysis and suggestions for possible revisions and efficiency strategies.
  • Support during the negotiation process such as monitoring and comparing needs, usage and invoicing; creating executive talking points; suggested language revisions.
  • Post-contract support for the duration of the contract life cycle including detailed monitoring and reporting of usage, contract performance, monthly guarantees and more.

Adding research procurement value

  • Identifying content overlap or duplication within the organization.
  • Evaluating information vendors, technologies and services across a growing and diverse spectrum of options.
  • Benchmarking your information expenses to determine if you’re spending more or less than your competitors.
  • Exploring pricing options that would be more flexible and favorable.
  • Ensuring contracts are in alignment with your industry.
❝For our contract negotiations with LexisNexis and Westlaw, LAC was able to come in and negotiate directly with them. Not only did they save us money, they also took control of the process and brought their influence to the table.❞
Large law firm

The holistic, managed services approach of LAC Group

  • Every client engagement begins with an assessment of your operational and financial concerns, goals and objectives.
  • We work with the staff and systems you have in place.
  • Our programs and services are structured on a spectrum that ranges from “help us manage” to “manage for us” based on your needs and circumstances.

How can we help you make the most of your information resources?

As a provider of managed services and leaders in library and information management, consider LAC Group a reliable partner and guide for optimizing your research and information investments. With an understanding of enterprise usage and spending on these costly tools, we’ll make sure you have access to the news and information you need, without overpaying or wasteful redundancies.

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