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Research from a company that’s done it for decades

Information is more prevalent than ever, yet for LAC Group, it’s been part of our business for many years. From company profiles to individual dossiers, we provide corporate research services on any topic of interest.

Sample research topics

Established and new markets and competitors

Company overview, officers, corporate structure, and recent news

Regulatory tracking across multiple jurisdictions

Health tech, cannabis, fintech and other emerging industry trends

Business and financial research for M&A activity and other needs

Copyright and other intellectual property (IP) research

Tell us your information needs, and we’ll deliver actionable information wherever they’re needed.

Reliable information tools and platforms

Through the use of trilateral non-disclosure agreements with our clients and their information providers, we conduct our research using client resources in the interest of transparency, cost-efficiency and predictable pricing.

Why LAC Group

Research coverage without taking up space

Our flexible approach and distributed workforce will deliver the information you need, regardless of location. Working across multiple time zones, we can give you a practical, cost-effective solution for extended coverage.

Experienced, professionally trained researchers and analysts

Our researchers and analysts have years of training and experience to identify and deliver insights across a wide range of topics and industries.

Big enough for any needs, small enough for personal service

We are big enough to support any of your research needs, yet small enough to give you personal service and custom solutions. We excel at bridging gaps and unlocking potential with agile services built on decades of remote research experience.

LAC Group will step in with market-tested experience, efficiency, tools and processes for corporate research excellence.

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