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Competitive intelligence

Competitive intelligence research services for insights and advantages

Competitive intelligence has become the fuel that sparks strategic thinking and informed decision-making for getting and staying ahead. Choosing LAC Group may be the first step that gets you headed in the right direction.

We deliver more than automated data dumps filled with tangential information. Our results are curated and validated by humans to client specifications, and we strive to anticipate your needs and preferences to make sure we hit the mark.

  • Deep expertise in competitive and market intelligence processes, philosophies and best practices.
  • Ability to gather and synthesize meaningful information on industries, markets, legislation, companies, individuals and other topics of interest.
  • Useful reports, alerts, newsletters, infographics and other formats that can be created and delivered once, updated periodically or both.

Use competitive intelligence to:

identify opps

Identify opportunities and potential threats.

assess value

Assess value of markets and opportunities

company snapshot

Gain snapshot view of people, companies and industries.


Spark innovative plans and strategies.

Four step intelligence workflow

Our process delivers information that empowers you to discover insights, synthesize ideas and communicate with colleagues for making decisions that lead to the best course of action.

CI workflow

Law firm CI cycle

Don’t let complexity or inertia get in the way of running an effective intelligence operation—the foundation of the CI function is built on a handful of essential elements. Moreover, a relatively small investment in CI can pay big dividends in more business won and a more defensible market position.

CI Cycle