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Up-to-the-minute news as it happens. Periodic alerts. Deep-dive reporting and analysis.

LAC Group will craft the best approach, with a process refined to be as efficient and standardized as possible in order to minimize costs and maximize quality. Tell us your requirements and our research analysts will keep you in-the-know with timely, accurate information, curated for any topic.

Curated alerts

While our methodology is standard, our results are not. Every alert will contain the information you expect in your preferred format.

Curated alerts and updates can supplement in-depth reports, especially when circumstances change frequently. Simply tell us what to monitor and how often, and we’ll go to work. From corporate news to legislation to litigation, we’ll keep you informed without overwhelming you.

Customized reports

We are able to produce reports on any aspects of a company, industry, market, legislation or other research topics. Want to know more about a merger target? Need detailed financials for a meeting? Looking for a report on jury verdicts or other litigation details? We listen to your needs and tailor the report accordingly.

Our proprietary platform





Branded and customized to your archiving and search needs.

Easily search, download and share your intelligence data.

Conveniently generate documents and reports in various file formats.

Keep track of competitors, clients and prospective clients.

Actionable insight to accelerate business actions

You may think you are saving money with an automated service. But, in truth, how much time does it take you to remove the irrelevant data the automated service delivers? Has your executive team complained of information overload?

Automated services can’t think. They can only react. Spare your executives the time and aggravation by delivering the only insight they need.

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