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For professional-grade research that’s agile, economical and reliable, turn to the research professionals at LAC Group. Our researchers are the same experienced professionals you would hire yourselves.

Our research team becomes your research team, available when you need them. We will utilize your preferred information sources and you can get started in days, with no recruiting, staffing or other requirements other than a secure internet connection and agreed-upon terms and service levels.

The case for professional information research

  • Google doesn’t always reveal the most timely, relevant information. People rarely venture beyond the first page of their results, further restricting their outcomes.
  • Fake news is a permanent feature of the internet. Readers are too easily swayed by confirmation bias and other influences to ensure trust and validity.
  • Web research can quickly lead to productivity-draining activities and leaves company IT resources vulnerable to viruses, malware and other security risks.
  • Lawyers, executives, engineers, sales people and other decision-makers need information to do their jobs, but they don’t need to be spending valuable time looking for it.

Research services for law

Law firms have always been leaders in finding and using information for client matters, though many factors are contributing to new and different research requirements:

  • A more competitive landscape for big law legal services
  • Challenging cost recovery and client billing obstacles
  • The case of the incredibly shrinking law library

With limited internal staffing and support, leaner operations overall and a greater need for competitive intelligence and other information, law firms are turning to LAC Group for virtual support.

Research services for business

Many corporations rely on their people doing their own research, armed only with an internet connection and Google. That works for some information needs, but not all of them. When your information needs outstrip your information resources, turn to LAC Group.

  • Identifying and monitoring competitors
  • Assessing market and product opportunities
  • Finding and protecting copyrights and other intellectual property
  • M&A due diligence and other financial reporting needs
  • Regulatory and legislative research
  • Social media research

LAC Group help businesses attain the information advantage.

Research services for government

Our accredited library and information science professionals deliver expertise in research, reference, and business intelligence to federal agencies and departments, minus the burdens or restrictions of hiring staff.

  • Experienced responses to complex reference questions
  • Methodical literature searches
  • Citation metrics and other bibliometrics analysis

If needed, we can draw from an extensive, vetted database of thousands of potential candidates, covering every aspect of knowledge and information management for federal requirements.

Reliable resource for the most-requested information

  • Legal research: Reliable, comprehensive information support for litigation and other client matters.
  • Competitive intelligence: Competitor tracking of current and future threats for enhanced strategic planning and tactical action.
  • Financial research: Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions and other financial information.
  • IP & copyright research: Reduced liability and risk of copyright violations, protection of your own intellectual property, patent research and other IP information.

Experienced, professionally trained researchers

Our researchers have advanced information science degrees and years of professional work experience in law firms and corporations.

Research services delivered virtually or onsite

Our services are flexible and customized to your needs. Virtual service is available over the internet, for as little or as much support as you require. Or we can recruit and manage researchers who work onsite at your location, full or part-time, permanent or temporary.

Virtual requests monitored by our secure research management system

All requests are entered and tracked in our secure research management system, with analytics that enable you to track utilization and key performance indicators. Lawyers, business managers and other users can quickly submit their information requests anytime, anywhere.

Reliable information leads to superior actions and decisions

Not just anybody can step in to provide trustworthy support when so much is riding on accurate and thorough information. Whether it’s for a legal matter, business dealing or federal agency report, LAC Group is a trustworthy option for all your information needs.

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