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30 million
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10 million
archival rehoused
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Organizations are awash in media, yet some content is inherently more valuable. For help curating, managing and preserving those assets, remember LAC Group for media and archiving services:

  • How to make your collection easily accessible and protected from degradation, environmental hazards, unauthorized access and other threats.
  • Whether to ‘integrate-and-preserve’ or ‘digitize-and-destroy’ your film, tape or paper.
  • Curation decisions that consider cultural, historical, legal, branding and monetary goals and needs.

Our media and archive team has been entrusted with the care of many high-value collections, large and small: broadcast news footage, decades of major motion pictures, syndicated cartoons, corporate archives and historical archives of all kinds.

Comprehensive film and other media services, from creation to archive

We service the entire lifecycle, from cradle to grave—except we’ll make sure your content doesn’t end up in the graveyard.

Movies shot digitally or on film, streaming media, historical assets on nitrate stock or microfilm, videotape, audiotape, negatives, still images, documents and anything in-between.

  • We’ve seen it all—the good, bad and ugly of conditions—in collections ranging from several to several hundreds-of-thousands of items.
  • We do it all—for one-vendor convenience and security—or give us one piece of the puzzle. We’ll make sure it fits with the rest.

From needs assessment to planning and preparation to long-term, archival storage, we’ll help you design and build a solid foundation to preserve all your media assets.

Physical, born-digital or digitized media

  • Comprehensive film preservation services including inspection and restoration, organizing, scanning, metadata services and bar-coding.
  • Long-term physical storage in secure, climate-controlled warehouses and highly-specialized film vaults for cold, archival storage.
  • Digitization services including high-resolution flat-bed and film-reel scanning for motion pictures on the sophisticated Director 10K scanner by Lasergraphics.


❝LAC is the gold standard. There’s no other way to say it. They have a full understanding of the requirements for specialized handling, they are recognized as the best.❞
Major studio


White glove service and personal attention

What sets LAC Group apart from other preservation and archiving providers is service. Personalized, white glove service. We start with understanding your vision for success and follow from there.

We’re not just another big, faceless company. We’re big enough to offer specialized capabilities, capacity to expand, and peace of mind. Yet we’re small enough to give you personalized care, with attention to every detail.

Clients find us because of our capabilities and expertise; they stay with us because of the service and personal attention they receive.

Media clients and industries

Large and small, commercial and public, organizations of all kinds rely on LAC Group:

  • Hollywood’s leading motion picture and independent film studios
  • Fortune 500 corporations
  • The Library of Congress and leading European libraries
  • US federal government agencies
  • Media streaming services and broadcasting organizations
  • University library systems
  • Community and business archives, public and private

Why LAC Group?

LAC Group is comprised of skilled librarians, preservationists and other information professionals across all content, knowledge and information management arenas.

Our film pedigree comes from Eastman Kodak, the leader in photographic film throughout the 20th century. LAC Group acquired Kodak’s film preservation and archiving division, PRO-TEK Vaults, in 2013.

  • Combined experience and know-how in library science, film preservation and archiving services.
  • Big enough and small enough to offer the best client experience and customer satisfaction.
  • White-glove service with personal attention to every detail.

Whatever format your media content was created in and recorded on, remember LAC Group. We’ll make sure your collections and archives are organized, preserved and accessible for generations to come.

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