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Library and information resource budgets are lean and not likely to beef-up any time soon. Meanwhile, special libraries in law firms, corporations and other settings are increasingly decentralized. The result? Duplication and waste in some areas, gaps in others.

Turn to LAC Group for the library expertise and extra bandwidth you need to assess your information resources:

  • Library roadmapping:  A comprehensive, strategic report following a thorough assessment.
  • Information resource utilization: Honing in on specific needs or objectives.

And, unlike many consultants, our information science experts work with you to generate ideas to fill gaps, save money and empower your knowledge workers.

Rational approach to information resources and budgets

LAC Group will develop a rational approach for your organization, considering the research and content needs of all user groups:

  • Analysis of usage data and survey of users to understand needs.
  • Assessment of your digital and physical content portfolio, including the hidden silos.
  • Recommendations to optimize resources to meet all user needs, enhance knowledge management and preserve all affected budgets.

We don’t rely solely on the data – our library experts consider culture, systems, processes, training and other factors to guarantee your people have easy access to relevant, trustworthy information.

Gaining the greatest value from your information resources

You may not have the time, awareness of best practices, cost data and other resources for the kind of assessment that proves so valuable in the long run:

  • Which information services are in use, and by whom?
  • What barriers stand in the way of your people finding and sharing information?
  • What are the business needs that influence information services and resources?
  • Where and how could research subscriptions, data and other content be combined?

We can give you a glimpse into trends for future planning, and to mitigate pitfalls and risks.

What’s the status of your information resources?

By understanding how your information resources are used, you will be able to:

  • Assess priorities to ensure you have the right content for all user groups.
  • Acquire new content, maintain information services or cancel subscriptions with confidence.
  • Modernize technology, update processes or adjust staffing resources.

Most importantly, you will support all user groups equally well, including remote workers.

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