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If realizing the highest value and managing research subscriptions are among your objectives, you’ve come to the right place. As a leader in information management services, part of our value is deep knowledge in the growing arena of digital services. We are a trusted partner and guide for optimizing your research and information investments — from legal research and competitive intelligence platforms to software-as-a-service.

How LAC Group maximizes library and information resources

Information partners

We have strong and seasoned relationships with all vendors in the information space. Our partnerships create knowledge and insights on trends, service level agreements (SLAs), key performance indicators (KPIs) and other negotiated terms and conditions. In turn, we help our clients find the best strategy and approach for this strategic asset.

Trend analysis

We evaluate your investment, usage and trend data to ensure that you have the right resources for your organizational needs.

Resource optimization

We examine new and established information resources, user preferences and other considerations to better manage your tools.

The right mix of resources for your organization’s needs

Enterprise access to information services from companies like RELX, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Wolters Kluwer and countless others can be confusing. While they are mission-critical, the way they are evaluated, selected and implemented in large organizations often requires a thoughtful approach in addressing needs, personal preferences, utilization and other factors. We can help your organization navigate and manage the sea of information services.

LAC Group takes a methodical approach, starting with an initial analysis and continuing with ongoing support:

Review of several months of utilization data such as gross usage, monthly guarantees, usage, content exclusions and more.

Report our findings, analysis and suggest several possible strategies.

Optimization strategies to support various processes such as monitoring, needs analysis, usage, renewals and invoicing.

Post-contract optimization and usage strategies for the duration of the contract lifecycle including detailed monitoring and reporting of usage, contract performance, monthly guarantees and more.

By managing your resources effectively, you will be able to:

  • Assess priorities to ensure you have the right content for all user groups.
  • Acquire new content, maintain information services or cancel subscriptions with confidence.
  • Modernize technology, update processes or adjust staffing resources.
  • Support all user groups equally well, including remote workers.

Gain the greatest value from your resources

With an understanding of enterprise usage, our resource management services offer:

  • Evaluation of content overlap or duplication.
  • Assessment of new offerings from vendors, technologies and services across a growing and diverse spectrum of options.
  • Clarity around your information expenses.
❝It is really a tough job that LAC does, but they are excellent at it. They fully understand each contract they help us with, help us understand what options we have, and are extremely ethical in the way they work.❞
F1000 Commercial Client

Why LAC Group

Client focused

We don’t rely solely on the data – our library experts consider culture, systems, processes, training and other factors to guarantee your people have easy access to relevant, trustworthy information. Every client engagement begins with an assessment of your strategic, operational and financial concerns, goals and objectives.

Jump-start projects

We work with the staff and systems you have in place to manage and finish projects with no interruptions to your regular operations.

Flexible service models

Our programs and services are structured on a spectrum that ranges from “help us manage” to “manage for us” based on your needs and circumstances.

Make the most of your information resources

As a provider of managed services and leader in library and information management, LAC Group is your partner for optimizing research, library, intelligence and eResources investments.

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