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To effectively capture and share knowledge, you need more than technology and executive edicts. That’s why the knowledge and information professionals at LAC Group strive to consolidate the know-how and experience of your people with technology, data, culture and other factors needed for KM success. We know this cohesive approach is the only sure way to deliver high user value and acceptance.

KM teams are facing new challenges

  • Extra work without additional budget or staffing resources.
  • Heightened sensitivities regarding data security and privacy.
  • Ever-changing players, teams and priorities.
  • Conflicting needs and expectations.

All executive leaders agree on the importance of sharing and leveraging knowledge, especially in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing markets. All that’s lacking is the willingness to back it up with tangible support.

How to spot a knowledge management deficit

We get asked for guidance and recommendations on solving a wide range of information-related needs and problems in law firms, corporations, government agencies and other industries. Often they involve these common complaints:

  • The same mistakes keep replaying, with no lessons or improvements.
  • Time wasted looking for people with relevant insights and experiences and breaking through the internal barriers that stand in the way.
  • Plenty of data and information, resulting in the proverbial “needle in the haystack” problem.
  • Employees not routinely or systematically asked to share their thoughts and ideas.
  • One person holds all the know-how to address a common issue or need.

Any of these could signal obstacles in your efforts to manage your information resources and contribute to below-average returns on your investments in talent and technology.

LAC Group’s KM approach

Assessment of needs and user preferences

We analyze and assess the knowledge needs and objectives of users and departments across the enterprise.

  • Analysis of knowledge and information sharing needs and objectives.
  • Meeting with key stakeholders to build complete user profiles.
  • Recommendations based on best practices and unique requirements.

Technology evaluation and recommendations

With vendor-neutral objectivity, we make the most of the systems you have in place, with ideas and options for new tools to consider if necessary.

  • Linking needs and objectives to the right systems.
  • Identifying the best vendors and assistance with RFP development and contract negotiation.
  • Portal development for easy access, resource integration and analytics.

Workflow and process analysis

We identify opportunities to streamline processes and enhance workflow.

  • Facilitating effective search and retrieval.
  • Reviewing usage and identifying training needs to encourage participation.
  • Managing content, user contributions and knowledge retention.

Training and support

We support and promote your knowledge-sharing initiatives through orientation and training that includes all stakeholders, including your remote / distributed workforce.

  • Assessment of user skills and training needs and preferences.
  • Preparation of training and orientation materials and mechanisms.
  • Change management considerations to encourage user acceptance and participation.

Why LAC Group?

With library science roots, LAC Group is uniquely qualified to help you maximize the utilization and value of all your knowledge and information resources. Our information professionals are with you every step of the way to facilitate appropriate information sharing, enable knowledge collection and assure easy discovery and retrieval.