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Media curation

PRO-TEK media curation services encompass virtually all content formats

Stan Taffel scanning images as digital data.

Preservation efforts of both analog and digital media begin with curation, especially as digitization has opened new markets for old content in entertainment, business and other arenas.

That’s why leading motion picture studios and other content owners turn to us to help them identify and curate their assets for historical, artistic and commercial purposes. We are one of the few providers capable of preserving nitrate film, used as far back as the silent film era, and we are as well as acetate (safety) film.

LAC Group media curation services encompass virtually all content formats:

  • Nitrate and acetate (safety) film stock
  • Videotape
  • Photographs
  • Digital storage media
  • Memorabilia and other physical artifacts

Whether you store your assets in LAC Group vaults or elsewhere, our film historians and other content experts will prepare them for archival storage as well as access via your content or digital asset management system.

LAC Group services for curating film and other media assets:

  • Asset verification
  • Labeling and barcoding
  • Ingest into secure inventory tracking
  • Inspection with foot and frame detail for motion imaging
  • Physical repairs
  • Separation of original preservation elements from duplicate elements
  • Metadata creation
  • Cleaning
  • Archival packaging
  • Deaccessioning of assets

Along with technical expertise, our staff are knowledgeable in historical and current film studios, movies, actors, locations and other details for identifying the provenance and assessing the value of any film assets.