PRO-TEK Vaults is a division of LAC Group—a leader in Information Management as a Service.
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LAC content & archive services

Spanning the digital and physical assets

There’s a lot of talk about big data, but not much on big content, though YouTube alone gains a few hundred hours of new footage every minute.

And today’s enterprise is grappling with its own big content challenges, because even though physical and virtual storage options are plentiful and relatively cheap, neither are infinite. To manage the information contained within both your digital and physical content, turn to LAC Group.

Enterprise content needs go beyond storage

  • What digital files contain and how to make information easily accessible while ensuring some of it remains unavailable.
  • Whether to integrate-and-preserve or digitize-and-destroy your analog content captured on paper, tape or film.
  • Curation decisions for lifecycle management that consider historical, legal and monetary needs and goals.

Comprehensive content services, from creation to archive

Our services are available for the entire content lifecycle, from cradle to grave. From needs assessment to roadmapping and planning to preparation for both easy availability and long-term preservation. We’ll help you design and build a solid foundation for all your enterprise content.

Library science principles and disciplines

As digital information management becomes much greater than an IT concern, library science is getting the recognition it deserves. LAC Group is part of our “information management as a service” approach, based on 30 years of library and information center experience and expertise.

When system-generated metadata and other IT-centric solutions are no longer enough for your enterprise content goals and objectives, turn to our services. We deliver the information management expertise you need, when you need it.

LAC Group for analog and digital information

digital film scanner
  • Comprehensive film preservation services—inspection and repair, organizing, scanning, metadata services, bar-coding and more.
  • Long-term physical storage capacity—secure, climate-controlled warehouses and highly-specialized film vaults for cold archival storage.
  • Scanning and digitization services, including high-resolution film scanning for motion-picture film utilizing the Director 10K scanner by Lasergraphics.
  • Library and archive collection management services—from special projects like disaster recovery to ongoing library services.
  • Curation and digital transformation services for digital asset management (DAM), including taxonomies, metadata and data-mapping.

Content clients and industries

Community archives, a major news broadcaster, one of Hollywood’s movie-making pioneers, a global aviation manufacturer, national libraries in Europe and one of the largest, most valuable content repositories in the world—the Library of Congress.

Organizations large and small, commercial and public, rely on our Services:

  • Hollywood’s leading motion picture and independent film studios
  • US Federal Government agencies
  • Fortune 500 corporations
  • Content streaming services and broadcasting organizations
  • University library systems and professional archives, public and private

History and expertise in motion picture industry

LAC Group incorporates all the curation and preservation professionals, specialized facilities and decades of experience of PRO-TEK Vaults, founded by the Eastman Kodak company to provide film preservation and archiving services for Hollywood movie studios and acquired by LAC Group in 2013.

Content services for all your information

Content is increasingly born-digital, yet a civilization’s worth of books and other physical artifacts are too valuable to ignore—including some of your analog information.

No matter how your content is contained, LAC Group brings library and information management expertise to help you manage and preserve your content, for ready-access and long-term, archival storage.