R2S Services

When you need detailed information and you need it fast, LAC Group has the research expertise and capabilities to deliver.

We call it Rapid Research Solutions, or R2S.

Whether the information is about competitors, markets, legislation or other topics that matter to your organization, we draw upon a deep pool of ready research talent with diverse backgrounds and subject matter expertise.

The Rapid Research Solutions process is simple:

  1. You provide us your information request and timeline.
  2. We assign it to the most qualified researcher, who begins work.
  3. We quickly package, summarize and deliver your research results.

Competitive Intelligence

It’s a competitive world, and LAC Group can help you know who and what you’re up against. Our Rapid Research team will give you the intelligence you need to make faster, better decisions by benchmarking, profiling and monitoring your competitors, clients, and prospects.

Market and Business Development Research

Does your great product idea have a ready market? Where should you target business development? LAC Group’s skilled researchers can help answer these marketing questions and any others. With years of training and experience locating and analyzing market and industry information, you’ll be empowered with the knowledge you need to make fully informed decisions.

Topical Research

Our experts span a wide range of industries, including legal, corporate, financial, humanities, medical, scientific and technical research. This helps us clarify your needs and understand what is most relevant and meaningful. It also helps that we know the most reliable, cost-effective resources.

Some research topics we know well:

  • Law: LAC Group legal expertise goes beyond court dockets and case law.  We can produce legislative histories of complex laws or track down international patents.  Our researchers come from law firms and know what lawyers need and where to find it.
  • Business and Financial: Whether corporate structure or detailed financial reports, corporate history or current events, we quickly find the information you need for any industry.
  • Scientific, technical and medical: Nothing is out of the ordinary for us. When you need scientific, technical or medical information and you need it fast, LAC Group can deliver.
  • Government and Legislation: Maybe your industry is heavily regulated, or you need information on government resources. We can sail through pages of rules, laws, regulations and resources on local, state and federal levels.

How Would You Like Your Research Delivered?

The final crucial step of any research project is to assemble and deliver the results in the most useful, relevant format. We can create reports that are as detailed and in-depth as you choose, or provide timely alerts and updates, or a combination.

Learn more about our Reports & Alerts.

Contact us to learn more about our custom research and report services and how we can help you run your organization more strategically.

We hold all client and vendor information in strict confidence, in accordance with our mutual non-disclosure agreements signed at the beginning of each engagement.