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Case study: LaaS research for law firms

How law firms use Library as a Service®

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High-quality research, minus the overhead

Knowledge and information are now digitally-driven. That’s why LAC Group developed the concept of Library as a Service® for research and intelligence needs.

Discover how law firms are using Library as a Service (LaaS) for heavy workloads, special projects, global coverage, time-consuming requests with same-day deadlines and other operational burdens.

Use case examples include:

  • Researching complex business ownership structures
  • Researching foreign markets
  • Developing and delivering Competitive Intelligence reports

Remember the library as a room?

Once a fixture in every law firm, the library’s space has been reallocated or given-up altogether, fast becoming a memory. To fill the research void, law firms have discovered Library as a Service:

  • Replacing costly, just-in-case infrastructure with economical, just-in-time flexibility.
  • Access to experienced researchers, vetted and employed by LAC Group, working onsite, on-demand or some combination.
  • Reliable context, citations and research consistency, freeing up precious time of lawyers and full-time staff for more valuable work.

LAC Group researchers have fulfilled thousands of requests, mundane to difficult.

If you’re looking for research and reference support, we invite you to download “How Law Firms Use Library as a Service” – then contact us to see how our capabilities can become your advantage.