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Case study: LaaS research for copyright clearance

Avoid copyright infringement notices

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Digital content has greatly increased the risk of copyright violations.

When employees use images, video clips and other content they find on the internet during the course of doing their job, your business is liable when they don’t have permission.

Reduce your risk of lawsuits that could harm your business reputation and finances with research assistance as needed, using Library as a Service® (LaaS) from LAC Group’s research and intelligence service. Our experienced Intellectual Property (IP) researchers make sure you follow copyright laws with proper licensing or permission.

Fortune 100 company stays clear of copyright violations with LAC Group

Learn how the LaaS virtual research team supports the employees of a Fortune 100 leader in the aerospace industry with IP research and copyright clearance services with an overview of requests, challenges and outcomes.

Use case #1: Rights clearance for images

The client wanted to professionally print and frame seventeen domestic and international magazine covers featuring the company’s products to display in corporate headquarters.

Use case #2 – Rights clearance for video

Employees often want to use video created by others for training materials, sales presentations and other purposes, with short time frames.

In addition, LAC Group maintains an archive of all requests and a list of all rights holders who have granted prior permission, to avoid duplication of effort, save time and maintain proof in case the use is ever questioned or contested.

Concerned your employees are using content illegally? Wondering how you can protect your business from copyright and other IP violations?

We invite you to download this case study and/or to contact us to see how our intellectual property expertise can protect your business.