Report: Nothing but the relevant content

What's the best news/content aggregator for your needs?

Content aggregation and current awareness platforms filter and deliver the most relevant, trustworthy information and allow you to track issues, competitors, clients and more. Our virtual research team takes a look at five options on the market today:


Discover their core strengths and differences

  • One has targeted services for the pharmaceutical and financial industries, including specialized content and pre-configured taxonomies.
  • One excels at law firm news and happenings regarding corporate counsel, lateral movement and executive movement.
  • Media monitoring and reporting is the differentiator of one, which allows you to track and improve your marketing and PR campaigns and initiatives.

Learn from the research experts at LibSource

Nothing but the relevant content was created by LibSource research analysts, who share their insights and experiences to help you:

  • Assess the value of content aggregation technology.
  • Understand how and why to consider these platforms, as well as potential pitfalls.
  • Identify the best options for your needs.

Content aggregation platforms promise to keep you “in the know” by allowing you to identify and monitor relevant information from reliable sources.

Nothing but the relevant content from LibSource will help you decide if you should make the investment, and which one will best suit your requirements.


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